Bioscience PhD network

The purpose of the network is to connect PhD students at Bioscience at Aarhus University, including students from outside campus locations. We wish to share knowledge and experience, doubts and problems, and create a network where we can discuss what may be done to change some things into better options.

The network has representatives at different levels of the AU structure, including the programme committee at Bioscience, the phD programme committee for Science and Technology, and the phD association for ST, PHAUST. Thus we are quite able to influence decision-making and promote new ideas for future rules and regulations for phD students.

Among achievements of our Network in 2013 are:

  • Planning out and arranging a much asked for basic statistics course for Bioscience phD students, now held January/February 2014.
  • Arranging a carreer-day for Biology phD’s

Please feel free to join our Facebook group, post questions, events, discussions and to invite your fellow PhD in your department to join in meetings.

Organizers in 2014:

Kristine (
Steffen (
Ebbe (
Jonas (
Andrea (
Christina (
Diego (
and Karina (

Everyone is encouraged to join our facebook group in order to keep updated:

The PhD Network of the Department of Bioscience usually meets about once every month, time and place along with agenda for every meeting will be announced on the facebook group and by mail to all Bioscience phD students.

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