PhD courses

Below, a list of PhD courses currently offered in the Department of Bioscience. Contact the course convener for further information.

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Program for category B course in Lab Animal Science

Section Course title ECTS Contact 2015 (week/month) 2016 (week/month)
Aquatic Biology Writing and Speaking Science in English for Biology Students 5 Brian Sorrell weeks: 21 & 22
Aquatic Biology Constructed Wetlands for Water Pollution Control 5 Carlos Arias October 18-24
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity R for macroecology 4 Brody Sandel June 14-20
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Species Distribution Modelling   Jens-Christian Svenning info later
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Behaviour and Design in Conservation 5 Meredith Root-Bernstein & J-C Svenning June 15-26
Marine Diversity and Experimental Ecology Ecophysiology of macroalgae 5 Peter A Stæhr week 25
Plant and insect ecology Quantitative plant ecology 5 Christian F Damgaard   Autumn
Microbiology Microsensor analysis in the environ. Science 5 Niels Peter Revsbech   July
Zoophysiology Sound communication 10 Peter Teglberg August (2 weeks)
Microbiology Benthic research at sea 5 Hans Røy   April/May
Microbiology Genomics in Environmental Microbiology 5 Ian P.G. Marshall October 19-30
Wildlife Ecology Structured Decision Making / Adaptive Management 2 Jesper Madsen June 22-27
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity OIKOS Workshop 2015: "How to deal with the 3rd reviewer” 1 Signe Normand 5 March
Zoophysiology Program for category B course in Lab Animal Science 2 Tobias Wang info later
Zoophysiology Advanced Zoophysiology 1 Tobias Wang 27 March
Journal clubs
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Journal Club in Ecoinformatics 5 Jens-Christian Svenning running
Microbiology Journal Club in Microbiology 5 Marie B. Lund running
Genetics, Ecology & Evolution Journal club in Genetics, Ecology & Evolution 5 Trine Bilde running
Master courses also for Ph.D.-students
Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Biogeography & Macroecology 10 Jens-Christian Svenning August-January
Aquatic Biology Field course in marine ecology and climate change 5 Lars CL Hansen ?
Microbiology Molecular Microbial Ecology 5 Kasper U Kjeldsen Q2
Zoophysiology Molecular Physiology 5 Angela Fago Q4
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