Mentor guide

As a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science you might be asked to act as a mentor for some of our new PhD students. Below is a guide to help you on your way.

Pick up on arrival

The student is picked up on arrival, gets his keys from International Center if she/he has applied for temporary housing, and is followed to the department or his/her address.

International Center

  • Make sure he/she is signed up for Getting started in Denmark (Event every second week).
  • Including trip to International Citizen Service to get cpr. number, Ttax card and Certificate of Registration (EU citizens).
  • Introduce them to the International Center (go to the counter).
  • Get a welcome packet.
  • NOTE: inform Jan Frederiksen,, and Nanna Pedersen, about the CPR number, otherwise the new PhD student will not get their salary.


  • Usually our foreign students open a bank account in Danske Bank or Nordea which are both close to the department.
  • Master card and Dankort are easy to get - it is harder to get a Visa card. It is good idea to bring a copy of your letter of employment to the bank.

At the University

At Department of Computer Science take the student on a "tour" round the whole department:

    • His/her office
    • Meet Anders and Sofia, student's supervisor + research group staff
    • Coffee Room (tell them about the free coffee)
    • The Canteens in Incuba Science Park and in Nygaard
    • Xerox-machines, office supplies
    • Information office where the student can get a key and apply for a card to access IT-Parken.

Studenterhus Århus

  • Is a great place to meet other students, go to concerts and a lot of other things. You visit the Studenternes hus to register the student. 
  • The students have to pay the membership themselves.
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