Himmarland Golf and Spa Resort

Himmerland Spa and Golf resort is situated in the beautiful north of Denmark and most of you will know the venue form the lasts Autumn Schools. To read more about the venue please click the image to visit their website. 

In addition to the conference facilities that we will be using for the scheduled Autumn School program, the Himmerland Gold and Spa Resorts offers a range of leisure activities listed below. Also, the floor plan to the left illustrates where the scheduled program and leisure activities will take place. 

Leisure activity


Adventure golf (minigolf)50 kr per person
Greenfee Bette Course50 kr per person
Rental fee for golfing equipment125 kr per set (shared between 3-4 persons)
Football golf50 kr in deposit for the ball
Tennis with/without equipment100/60 kr per person
Bike rental50 kr per day
Evening Spa (until 10 pm)100 kr per person
Swimming poolFree



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Revised 27.06.2017