The summer school will be held at Spetses Hotel where all the lecturers and the students will be accommodated. The students will stay in shared double-rooms.

The hotel has constructed a lecture hall with sufficient space and facilities for the summer school.  The hotel terraces can be used to hold discussion groups. From our previous experience, close contact between the students and the lecturers is guaranteed. They will not only meet during the lessons and the discussions but will also have lunches together and will spend free time together at the beaches and during the evenings. Small tutorial groups keep the students and tutors together even after evening sessions for dinner groups. Posters will be held in the bar area and in special hotel rooms.

Spetses Hotel, 180 50 Spetses Island, Greece, tel. +30 2298072602-4, fax: +30 2298 072494, web:

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Revised 05.11.2018