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Sunday September 24


All day­­­Registration
EveningWelcome Reception with light dinner

Monday September 25


Interactions in Cellular Networks: Systems Biology Approaches

09:00-10:00Uri Alon: 1. How to Study Biological Networks and Circuits
10:00-10:15Coffee Break
10:15-11:15Uri Alon: 2. Evolutionary Tradeoffs and the Geometry of Phenotype Space
11:30-13:00Poster Session I
14:30-16:00Poster Session II
16:00-17:00Anne Claude Gavin: 1. Measuring Protein-Ligand Interactions
17:15-18:30Proposal planning I

Tuesday September 26


Studying Proteins and Their Interactions: Systems Biology, Structural Biology and Drug Discovery

09:00-10:00Anne Claude Gavin: 2. EMBO Lecture: Biological Networks in Health and Disease
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-11:30M. Madan Babu: 1. Introduction to Unstructured Proteins
11:45-12:45M. Madan Babu: 2. Unstructured Proteins: Cellular Complexity and Diseases
13:00-15:00Lunch and Free Time for Collaborative Project Proposals
15:00-16:00Tom Blundell: 1. Multiprotein Systems in Space and Time: Increasing Complexity to Achieve Selectivity Through Stages, Scaffolds, and Strings
16:00-16:15Coffee Break
16:15-17:15Tom Blundell: 2. Multiprotein Systes in Space and Time: Targeting Protein-Protein Interfaces Using Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
17:30-18:30Proposal planning II
21:00-22:00Tom Blundell: Science, Society, and Politics: Experiences of a Permanent Gap-Year Student

Wednesday September 27

Studying proteins and their interactions: Biological Data Science

09:00-10:00Martin Krzywinski: 1. Essence of Statistics
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-11:30Martin Krzywinski: 2. Improving Your Visual Science Communication
11:45-12:45Panel Discussion: Science Careers
14:00-18:30Workshop with Ensemble Kartoshkes: Science performance and communication”

Thursday September 28

Studying Proteins and Their Interactions: Cell Biology and Biophysical Approaches

09:00-10:00Stephen Michnick: 1. Mechanisms and consequences of Macromolecular Phase Separation
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-11:30Stephen Michnick: 2. The Phases and Dephases of Endocytosis
11:45-12:45Lene Oddershede: 1. Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy
14:15-15:15Afternoon Tutorials I
15:30-16:30Lene Oddershede: 2. Cellular Mechanics in Health and Disease
16:30-16:45Coffee Break
16:45-17:15Clemens Kaminski: 1. A Short History of the Optical Microscope
17:30-18:30Clemens Kaminski: 2. Nanoscale Imaging of Neurotoxic Proteins

Friday September 29

Studying Proteins and their Interactions: Biophysical Approaches and Genetics

09:00-9:30Gabriella Kaminski Schierle: 1. Towards a Molecular Understanding of Protein Misfolding Using an All-Optical Approach
9:45-10:45Gabriella Kaminski Schierle: 2. Towards a Molecular Understanding of Protein Misfolding Using an All-Optical Approach
10:45-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Daniel Otzen: 1. Protein Stability at the Individual and Global Level
12:15-13:00Daniel Otzen: 2. Functional Protein Self-Assembly
14:15-15:15Afternoon Tutorials II
15:30-16:30Song Yi: 1. Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Application to Network Analysis
16:30-16:45Coffee Break
16:45-17:45Nidhi Sahni: 2. Linking Genotype to Phenotype Through Cellular Networks
17:45-18:30Preparation of oral student proposal presentations and feedback from lecturers on other proposals

Saturday September 30

Studying Proteins and Their Interactions: Cell Biology and Biophysical Approaches

09:00-10:00Carol Robinson: 1. Mass Spectrometry – From Folding Proteins to Rotating Motors
10:00-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:30Carol Robinson: 2. Mass Spectrometry and Its Role in Drug Discovery
11:45-12:45Carol Robinson: Women in Science
12:45-15:30Lunch and Free Time
15:30-17:30Student Presentations of Collaborative Projects
EveningFarewell Party

Sunday October 1


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