The recommended travel plan to Spetsai is the following:

    1. fly to Athens International Airport
    2. go by bus or taxi to Athens harbour (Piraeus)
      Athens International Airport is located 33 km northeast of Athens, while the Piraeus harbour is in the southern part of Athens. Travelling time from Athens airport to Piraeus is normally1-2 hours.
      From the airport, you can take the Express airport bus number X96 to Piraeus. This is its final destination so don’t get off en-route! Tickets 6 Euro and estimated travel time 90 minutes. All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curbside of the arrivals level of the main terminal building just outside the Schengen Exit (Doors 4-5).
      The Metro service is also very efficient although you do have to change to a different train half way through your journey.
      Alternatively you can take a taxi from the rank parked outside the airport terminal. As there are special lanes for buses, it is not faster to take a taxi. Price Airport-Piraeus: Euro 25-35 (2009), depending on travelling time and the amount of luggage. You normally pay extra for the luggage. The taxi queue starts from Door 4 of the Arrivals Level and extends up to Door 1.
    3. take a ferry to the Island of Spetsai
      The most frequent crossings to Spetses are provided by Hellenic Seaways with their hydrofoils called Flying Dolphins or the larger (and more comfortable) Flying Cats. These Flying Cats are now a brand new lime green colour, as of 2013! Hellenic have sailings daily throughout the year and only get cancelled in severe weather during the winter, which isn’t too often.
      Sunday the 24th of September: 09.30 & 17.00
      Sunday the 1st of October: 06.35 & 13.35
      Travelling time by hydrofoil from Piraeus to Spetses is around 2-3 hours and costs 38.50 Euros per trip. Tickets can be bought online or you can simply buy the ticket when you arrive at the harbour as there is a the ticket office by the hydrofoil. There are not normally any problems getting a ticket except for a few weekends.
    4. walk, take a water taxi, a taxi or a horse buggy from Spetses Harbour to Spetses Hotel
      The distance from the harbour to the hotel is about 1 km.Means of transportation:
      – on foot: it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk the distance along the water
      – bus: There is a bus starting from the main square at the front of the Possidonion Hotel to the right of Dapia Harbour as you look at it from the sea which stops at Spetses Hotel. Price: ca. 1 Euro (2009).
      – water taxi: A water taxi takes up to around 8 people. The water taxis are very close to the hydrofoils and they sail straight to the pier of the Spetses Hotel. Price: 13 Euros (2009)
      – taxi: There are four taxis on Spetses. You can find them in front of the petrol station in the Dapia near the end of the jetty where you disembark from the hydrofoils, ferry or catamaran. Please ask for a price.
      – horse buggy: The horse buggies, which take up to four people – or two people with luggage – are parked by the harbour in front of the Possidonion Hotel. Make sure you arrange the price in advance.


    An alternative to this travel plan (only recommended when travelling three people together or if you miss the last boat to Spetses):

    1. fly to Athens International Airport
    2. take a taxi to Kosta
      If you miss the last hydrofoil to Spetses you can take a taxi from Athens Airport to Kosta which is a small town on the mainland fairly close to the Island of Spetses. You can also choose to go by taxi if you travel two or more together, but the hydrofoil trip is more comfortable and less expensive. It is important that you either fix a price or get the taxi driver to start the meter before departure. Travelling time: ca. 3 hours. Price: ca. 200 Euros (2009).
    3. take a water taxi from Kosta to Spetses Hotel
      At Kosta you can get a water taxi directly to Spetses Hotel for ca. 14 Euros (2009).


    More information about Spetsai Island:

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