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Initiatives and representatives - the people working for you

The iNANO PhD Program Committee – working to make your PhD and PhD life better

The iNANO program committee handles admissions, exams and continuously works to improve the PhD program at iNANO. The 130 PhD students at iNANO are represented in this committee by us, Amanda Andersen and Gunnar Klös. 

We are currently working on the issue of the unsafe crossing of Langelandsgade between Department of Chemistry/Physics and iNANO, which many of us have to frequently use.

Additionally, we will try to centralize information regarding the services offered to PhD students and increase the PhD students influence on the Autumn School program by encouraging participation in the planning with Maria Kragelund. We will of course be happy to hear any suggestions from the PhD students at iNANO if you have any.

The two PhD representatives in the committee are

PhD student Amanda AndersenPhD student Gunnar Klös




The purpose of the iNETWORK is to provide iNANO PhD students with a forum, where we can discuss scientific and project related problems and exploit to our benefit that we have different scientific backgrounds.

When Henriette Hansen started as a PhD student in November 2014, she wanted to join a scientific network where scientific ideas and problems were discussed. Because she could not find a network to join, she started one.

The concept is that attendants email Henriette Hansen prior to a meeting if they have a problem (scientific or project related) so we can line up an agenda for the meeting. You don’t have to present a problem to attend, it is also be wonderful if you join just to contribute with you specific expertise. So far, we have been discussing, just to mention a few topics: laboratory tours, transferable skills courses and a number of specific scientific issues such as where to publish.

The hope is that the iNETWORK will contribute to a more cooperation-oriented environment where we become more aware of each other’s research and where we learn from and inspire each other.

The iNETWORK will also work as a forum for anything that you find relevant to present to fellow students. Maybe you attended a really good course that you want to recommend or maybe you read a brilliant paper on how to communicate science. Being PhD students, we also come across problems that are not directly related to our science, and these can also be addressed in the iNETWORK.

On facebook you will find a group called iNETWORK that you can join. This is the main platform for communication. Here you can make a shout out if you are in need of help and you can read summaries of previous meetings. We encourage all PhD students to join! 

We hope to see you!

iNANO Committees

The Cooperation Committee

In general terms, the role of the coorperation committee is to promote cooperation between management and employees in putting into effect the strategies and goals of AU. In this respect, the objectives of the committee are to:

  • Involve employees in work relating to AU's goals, strategy and finances
  • Establish personnel policy frameworks that will promote competency development and will create motivation to fulfil AU's goals
  • Contribute to creating the best possible working conditions and a good environment across the whole of AU
  • Contribute to increasing cooperation across the whole of AU, so that individual employees can, through their influence on their own working situations, help to improve the workplace as a whole
  • Provide a channel for the mutual exchange of information in order to promote optimal cooperation

The PhD representative in the coorporation commitee is Simon Frølich.

Working Enviroment Committe

Social Committee

Other committees


PHAUST is the association representing all the PhD Students at Science & Technology, Aarhus University. The board of PHAUST consists of up to 9 members elected from the various departments of the faculty. Our job is to discuss matters of relevance for PhD Students, find improvements and discuss these improvements with the head and the administration of the PhD school. We try to be in close collaboration with the programme representatives at the departments, and we choose representatives for the university-wide PhD Association AUPA and we nominate candidates for the PhD committee at Science and Technology and the Academic Council.

Read more about PHAUST on their webpage and find them on facebook. 

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