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New to Aarhus University

International Center

International Center (IC) is a service office for international PhD scholars, a place where they can get practical and administrative help to solve any problems arising in connection with their studies and work at Aarhus University or their residence in Denmark. The office provides a general service to all main academic areas around the country and refers questions to experts from within or outside the university for more specific information. However, some services are limited in their geographical scope, and are currently only available to scholars studying and working in Aarhus.


Student card

Exchange students, Master’s students and guest students need a student card. The student card is your identification card at the university and whenever you need to document that you're a student. You need to bring the student card to any exam. You're given a PIN code for your card and this provides you with access to certain buildings at the university. Contact the University Studies Office if you lose your card and need a replacement. Exchange students are given a student card when they register at the International Center. Master students and visiting students receive their student card by surface mail or can pick it up at the Communicaiobn Office, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 5, building 1448, 8000 Århus C.  

Key Card

PhD students, post doctoral scholars, researcher and visitors need a key card. Contact your department secretary or supervisor to get information about obtaining a key card ("nøglekort") to the buildings you need access to.  

Office space

Contact your department secretary to sign up for an office space.  

Computer access

Contact your department secretary regarding computer and internet access.

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