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The PhD plan

Once the PhD student has enrolled for his or her PhD studies, a preliminary PhD plan must be made. The PhD plan is written by the PhD student, but the main supervisor will be able to follow the PhD student’s progress and discuss the content of the plan. This plan provides an outline of the complete study, including a plan for the PhD student’s research project, and must be submitted for approval within 10 weeks of enrolment. The PhD plan is formally submitted electronically in the online PhD planner for approval by the main supervisor. The main supervisor will either approve the plan and submit it for approval by the head of programme or return it to the PhD student for adjustments. The same procedure applies to all levels of approval, i.e. first by the main supervisor, then by the head of programme and finally by the head of PhD school. It is possible to enter relevant comments to the plan at all levels. Any subsequent changes to the PhD plan must be approved following the same procedure.

The PhD plan is a mutual agreement between the PhD student and the Graduate School of Science and Technology. The plan ensures that the necessary resources for the project are available, and that successful completion will meet the formal requirements of the PhD regulations (course work, mobility, dissemination).

A PhD plan includes the following items:

  • A time schedule ensuring that enough time is allocated to each phase of the project, including necessary time for writing the dissertation
  • Details concerning supervision
  • A project description
  • A plan concerning the PhD courses indicating the required amount of ECTS credits
  • A plan for mobility, typically extended visits to research groups abroad
  • The number of teaching hours and other kinds of dissemination activities that the PhD student provides during his or her PhD study period
  • A copyright/IPR agreement if relevant
  • A financial plan for the project, including sources for scholarships/fellowships, tuition fees and running costs.

The plan is subject to revision throughout the study, in particular a thorough revision in connection with the qualifying examination.

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