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PhD House

Welcome to Aarhus University's new meeting place for PhD students!

With the PhD House, Aarhus University aspires to create a dynamic academic and social environment for the university’s young research talents.

The PhD House offers a combination of lecture rooms for PhD courses on transversal skills and a café for young researchers at Aarhus University. Furthermore, the PhD associations have the possibility to use the PhD House's facilities to hold events. The PhD House is thus a focal point for national and international PhD students, where they can meet both professionally and socially.

The PhD House contains:

  • Dales Café, which offers quality coffee, sandwiches and a wide selection of beers
  • Conference facilities for PhD courses
  • IC Dormitory for international PhD students
  • Office facility for AU PhD associations
  • A service desk for international PhD students at the International Centre
  • AU housing department at the International Centre dealing with housing matters for international PhD students

The PhD House is administrated by the IC Staff Mobility Unit and the PhD associations.



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