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PhD House Activity Group

PhD House Activity Group

Your social and academic meeting place as a PhD student and postdoc at AU

Welcome to the PhD House Activity Group!

On the following pages you will be able to find information regarding the group and its activities. You can read and sign up for the newsletter, see upcoming events, and find impressions from previous ones.

We look forward to seeing you!

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What is PhD House Activity Group?

  • We organise events of interest to PhDs and postdocs at Aarhus University
  • Our vision is to serve as a social hub across academic disciplines
  • Learn more about the group


AU is launching a variety of initiatives to provide better career opportunities to junior research staff. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2017.05.15 | PhD students, Staff

New Initiative will Improve Career Options for Junior Researchers at AU

Junior researchers (assistant professors and postdocs) on standard and tenure track contracts can now look forward to more career development assistance. This autumn, AU is launching a variety of initiatives to provide better career opportunities to junior research staff both at and outside the university, including opportunities for more career…

Photo: AU Communication

2017.05.09 | PhD students, Staff

Opening hours during the summer

Denmark generally slows down during the summer, which is also the case for the International Centre and other public offices.

AU photo

2017.05.01 | PhD students

10 grants for Industrial PhD and Industrial Postdocs

The Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania has announced 10 new grants for industrial researchers at PhD and postdoc-level to join a research cluster in BLOXHUB. The aim is to support sustainable and smart city solutions.

2017.04.05 | Staff, UIC

Expat Partner at Aarhus University

Join the Expat Partner facebook group, and keep up with career related news and events.

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