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PhD House Activity Group

PhD House Activity Group

Your social and academic meeting place as a PhD student and postdoc at AU

Welcome to the PhD House Activity Group!

On the following pages you will be able to find information regarding the group and its activities. You can read and sign up for the newsletter, see upcoming events, and find impressions from previous ones.

We look forward to seeing you!

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What is PhD House Activity Group?

  • We organise events of interest to PhDs and postdocs at Aarhus University
  • Our vision is to serve as a social hub across academic disciplines
  • Learn more about the group


2016.12.07 | Staff

Christmas break at the International Centre

The International Centre, International Academic Staff Services and International Citizen Service will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

2016.11.29 | PhD students

Informationsmøde - Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze (in Danish only)

Hør mere om PhD-programmerne ved Det Europæiske Universitetsinstitut i Firenze d. 2. december i København.

2016.11.29 | UIC, Staff, PhD students

UIC Christmas Party: SIGN UP HERE

Sign up now for the UIC 19th annual christmas party.

You can vote for your relevant boards directly on your laptop.

2016.11.21 | PhD students

University elections - your vote counts

Use your right to vote and influence who will become members of your PhD Committee. The deadline for voting is Thursday 24 November at 16:00.

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