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Aarhus Festival Programme is Available

It is now possible to pick up an English version of the programme for 2016 at the International Centre.

2016.08.12 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Aarhus Festuge 2016

Aarhus Festival 2016 (in Danish called Aarhus Festuge) will take place from Friday the 26 August to Sunday the 4 September 2016. Aarhus Festival’s theme for 2016 is 'Upside Down'. The Festival’s new director Rikke Øxner is behind the idea:

"There are several reasons why the choice fell on the expression 'Upside Down' ", says executive director Rikke Øxner, "The theme allows us to turn things and concepts upside down, and it paves the way for a lot of fun. It can act as warm up to Aarhus 2017 and their theme 'Let's Rethink' when we during Aarhus Festival change perspective, and the year after the whole city and region gathers and synthesize with rethinking."

This theme will be the starting point for the wide range of activities taking place during the festival.

From 5 August it is possible to pick up a free programme for the festival from the reception at the International Centre between 10:00-14:00 on all weekdays. As we only have a limited number of programmes they will be handed out on a first come, first served basis.

The festival is a great cultural event with both local, national and international artists. The city of Aarhus will be full of life for 10 days and streets, alleys, clubs, stages, galleries and museums will all function as sites for various events. In other words, all aspects of art are represented. 

Aarhus Festival is an annual event, and it was first held in September 1965. Since then it has developed into both an international festival and a major local cultural event. During the 10 days of the festival the centre of Aarhus becomes a focal point of attention for both residents of Aarhus and other Danes and internationals.

The Programme

To get an overview of the many events of the 2016 edition of Aarhus Festival these options are available:

  • A printed English programme with different events in English has been made and is, among other places, available at the International Centre (for free). 

  • On the festival's website you can look thorugh all events and it is possible to sort the activities by e.g. dates and genre.
  • Using your smartphone you can also dowload the Festival app (for both Android and iPhone, in Danish).

  • Furthermore, it is possible to buy the full program for 2016 at the city centre and to follow the Festival on Facebook (both in Danish).

To get an idea of the concept of Aarhus Festival you can click here to watch a video presentation about one of the previous years.

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