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New season: Become a KluBora member and buy cheap tickets.

2016.09.15 | Lene Bekker Lassen

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Once again it’s time for a new Bora Bora season for KluBora members. This year it’s a little different than usual because the membership now runs automatically via the ticket website Billetlugen. On that site you buy your membership and automatically get your discount throughout the year. As a new feature, it is also now possible to buy regular tickets along with the member ticket if you have a need for it.

A membership only costs 100 kroner and then you can buy your membership tickets for 60 kroner for a whole season (it runs from the start of the season in July and one year onwards). You will be notified of the upcoming events and any special events by e-mail. To purchase KluBora member tickets you must make a profile on

Visit Bora Bora's website for more information

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