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BORA BORA Dance & Visual Theatre Spring Programme

The spring programme for BORA BORA Dance & Visual Theatre is vibrant and ready for Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture 2017.

2017.02.06 | Ida Bæk

A still from the international performance "Barbarians" by Hofesh Schechter

The culture scene in Aarhus blooms in 2017 and one of the contributors is the dance and visual theatre BORA BORA which has both local productions and international touring performances.

In the coming spring, BORA BORA will host a range of different perfomances, exhibitions and festivals such as the eco-apocalyptic show "As I Collapse" by Danish Recoil Performance Group, Spring Forward Festival with 20 brand-new international perfomances in just 3 days and finally the exclusive show "Omnipresence" which takes place in a bus with room for only a six-people audience.

Check out BORA BORA's full spring programme here


You can also join BORA BORA's member's club, KluBora, which enables you to buy tickets for 60 kr. for regular perfomances. The membership fee is 100 kr. and the season runs until the end of July.

Read more about KluBora here

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