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Build your network with Danes - Join Internationalize wih Us!

Would you like to meet and get to know a Danish family? Make some Danish friends? Then sign up and join us at the start-up event on Thursday 3 November.

2016.10.24 | Michael Winther

Studenterhus Aarhus and AU is once again organizing the successful Internationalize with (Aarh)us-project, where you as a PhD student or postdoc get a chance to experience Danish culture up close!

What is Internationalize with Us?

In short, the project is a dinner club, where you are offered a Danish contact family. The contact family will be a Danish employee from one of the participating companies + his/her family, who can give you a unique insight into the Danish culture outside academia. In return, you have the opportunity to share your own culture with the contact family.

Together, the family and the student/researcher will hold three dinners. There is also a planned day, when you will visit a company in Aarhus, where one of the family members works. You will also visit Aarhus University. After these events it’s up to you, whether you want to continue the contact.

Read more about Internationalize with Us

How do I sign up?

  • Studenthouse Aarhus will then send you a small questionnaire, and based on they questionnaire they they will match you with a participating Danish family.
  • Sign up by Wednesday 2 November.


Mr. Jesper Frølund / (+45) 40 12 45 54

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