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Expat Partner Programme for spouses/partners to researchers at AU

The expat partner programme is a new initiative at AU, which started up 1 April, 2016. The programme aims at giving both newcomers and spouses/partners already living in Denmark a good start and support throughout their stay in Denmark.

2016.06.16 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Portrait of Ms. Inge Aagaard, Partner Career Coach at Aarhus University.

Ms. Inge Aagaard, Partner Career Coach at Aarhus Univesity. Photo: AU Foto Melissa Bach Yildirim

The programme

The programme offers career counselling, personal coaching and cross-cultural training for expat spouses/partners who are planning their stay in Denmark, have just arrived, already live here or repats coming back from international assignments.

The programme is customized and focuses exclusively on the spouse/partner’s objectives. It can be a wish to continue or explore new career paths, establish networks, study or set up your own business and get introduced to entrepreneurial environments.

The typical plan for career counselling is:

  • Personal/professional objectives
  • Assessment of competences
  • Goal and strategy
  • Review of CV/cover letter
  • Job search channels and the Danish job market
  • Job interview training/test
  • Important points about networking in Denmark
  • Action plan
  • Cultural awareness and Danish workplace culture

But these are often not the sole personal goals. The programme also offers coaching during transition to a new life, culture and to exploring new possibilities in Denmark. We give you advice on how to establish yourself with a good social network and provide information about activities in the local community, including initiatives from our partner organisations. We help you to identify ways to explore personal interests and support you in the personal, cultural and professional transitions.

Who can use the Expat Partner Programme?

The programme is a service to spouses/partners of postdocs, assistant/associate professors, researchers and professors. The service is free of charge and will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you wish to schedule an appointment please contact expat partner coach Inge Aagaard,

Please notice that the Expat Partner Programme is closed for the summer from 4 to 22 July, 2016.

See Expat Partner Programme website

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