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"Folkeuniversitetet" offers events in English

Learn more about bizarre body facts and the magic of Murakami's literary legacy as "Folkeuniversitetet" offers two events in English at Aarhus University this fall.

2016.08.29 | Ida Bæk

"Folkeuniversitetet" invites everyone to gain insight into the newest research.

"Folkeuniversitetet" at Aarhus University brings researchers and their research closer to you through seminars, lectures and seminars. The name translates directly to "the people's university" and the events are indeed open for everyone. This Autumn, they offer two events in English.

On 15 September you can experience scientist and TV host Dr. Emily Grossman in her show: "Xrated - Bizarre Body Facts". The show will take on some of the most fascinating and surprising aspects of human and animal biology. Grossman brings science to her audience in a fun and interactive way and you're guaranteed to leave the room feeling both amused and amazed. The event will take place at Stakladen, Aarhus University.

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If you're a fan of words and literature, chances are that you have already encountered the Japanese author Haruki Murakami's popular books. On Saturday 29 October, "Folkeuniversitetet" offers you the chance to meet four of Murakami's translators as they shine a light on his unique storytelling skills and how they have worked with the translations of his books. The event is called "Murakami - lost in translation" and will be held at DOKK1, Aarhus.

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