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Getting Started in Denmark in the spring

We have set the dates for the Getting Started in Denmark events in the spring semester. Please note that events will start half an hour earlier than usual to ensure that the participants get full benefit of both the registration and orientation.

2017.12.20 | Anne Pletschette Langer

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The spring dates are:

All days are Fridays except 26 April

5 January 201819 Januar 2018
2 February 201823 February 2018
2 March 201816 March 2018
6 April 201826 April 2018 - Thursday at 11:45* 
4 May 201818 May 2018
1 June 201815 June 2018
29 June 20186 July 2018

*  Friday 27 April is a holiday

The new programme

07:45      Welcome and submission of requested documents to public authorities

08:00      Orientation by Work in Denmark, AU International Academic Staff Services and Lærdansk  

09:00 -?  Registration at the public authorities. Individual questions.

Registration usually takes 1-4 hours depending on the waiting time at the ICS. 58% of the participants are done with their registration at 11am.


The event takes place at the International Citizen Service (ICS)

International Citizen Service (ICS)
Åboulevarden 31, 1.
8000 Aarhus C   

What are the changes?

Earlier the event started at 8:15 and the registration took place at the same time as the 3 orientation sessions. This was disturbing to the participants and caused them to miss parts of the orientation. Therefore, we have now split up the programme so that the participants first have the orientation (before the ICS opens at 9am) and then the registration takes place afterwards from 9am. This may make the event last longer, but we have aimed to alleviate this by starting half an hour earlier at 7:45 so that we can get first in line to be registered when the ICS opens.

We hope that new staff will enjoy the new programme. Feel free to refer your new colleagues who need to be registered to the Getting Started in Denmark event.

Getting Started in Denmark is an event organised by AU International Centre. It offers orientation and registration for newly arrived PhD students, researchers and their spouses/partners. The event is held twice a month on a Friday.     

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