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Folkeuniversitetet - Gut Feelings – Dinner and Talk

Folkeuniversitetet event where the theme of the evening is food – and various aspects of what we eat and why. The event is part of the Hearts & Minds Festival.

2017.06.28 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Sat 23 Sep
Time 18:00 21:00
Location Godsbanen, A-huset (A building), Institut for (X), Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C.
Gut Feelings

Food's effect

The shared meal will shine a light on the different expressions of gastronomy and how these affect space and body. With four servings the chefs from “Ildstedet” will toss you into a sensuous, visual and experimental universe with a number of various colour and taste compositions on the plates.

Dr. Emily Grossman is a performer, science broadcaster and expert in molecular biology, and the talk will be interspersed with weird facts about food and the human body, such as: Did you know that we make better decisions when we need a wee? That coffee tastes better when excreted out of a certain creature? That food tastes different on different coloured spoons? Or that the orientation of your plate might affect how much you eat?

Read more about the Gut Feelings event and sign up on the Folkeuniversitetet website

Staff, PhD students
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