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IDCN event: Job Opportunities through Volunteering

The next IDCN event is coming up and will be hosted by RegionMidt on February 28.

2018.02.16 | Anne Pletschette Langer



For more information about the event and to sign up please see the IDCN flyer

Please note that you need to be signed up as an IDCN member to register for the event.

About IDCN

Aarhus University is a part of IDCN (International Dual Career Network) Jutland-Funen division. The IDCN is a global network that aims at facilitating job search and provide information about the local job market to partners of international employees. If you are a partner of an international employee at Aarhus University (or one of the other corporate IDCN members) you can join IDCN. As an IDCN member, you will have access to free events focused on networking with corporate recruiters and topics relevant to the Danish job market (Danish workplace culture, CV advice etc.).You will also have access to a talent management platform that enhances the visibility of your CV and profile among the IDCN member companies. 

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