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Intercultural Leadership Skills

Spot your international employees' stress signals.

2019.09.26 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Date Thu 10 Oct
Time 08:00 09:30
Location TBA, 8000 Aarhus C

Photo: International Community

Stress is a global phenomenon, however, the way in which a person understands and approaches stress highly depends on their cultural background. Therefore, it can be difficult for managers and coworkers to interpret and understand an employee’s stress signals when working at a multicultural company. Subsequently, a case of stress might not be dealt with early on in the process.

Cultural background is also a determining factor in terms of expectations to managers’ and coworkers’ involvement and ways of handling stress. At this seminar you will learn what to be aware of and interpret the stress signals, when having employees or coworkers with a different cultural background than your own.

Guest speaker

Guest speaker is Janne Skakon, external lecturer in the field of work- and organization psychology at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen.

She will provide you with information on how you become better at noticing symptoms of stress regardless of cultural background. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in conversation with Janne Skakon about cross-cultural stress.

The event is held in cooperation with Destination Aarhus and will be hosted in English.

The event is part of Danmarks Mentale Sundhedsdag (Denmark’s Mental Health Day) and is supported by Velliv Foreningen.

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