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International PhDs and JRs: how, what, where

On 2 April, AU Career PhD & JR invites all international AU PhDs and Postdocs to an event about finding work and working in Denmark.

2019.02.07 | Christine Hylleberg Ørsøe Juul

Student House

Photo: Student House

The event is targeted all international AU PhDs and JRs and will provide you with insights into finding work and working in Denmark when you have an international background. During the event, four international alumni will share their experiences and perspectives on finding work in Denmark. They will cover questions such as; what did they do, how long did it take, what about network, how is it to be in a Danish workplace, what has surprised them the most etc. 

If you would like to know more about the event, further information and registration link can be found here.

Staff, PhD students, Junior Researcher
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