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International Student Centre celebrates 50 years of internationalisation

Aarhus University celebrates the 50th anniversary of International Student Centre, now part of Studenterhus Aarhus, on 4 October - and you're invited to join!

2016.09.09 | Ida Bæk

Inauguration of ISC’s new premises at Kløvermarksvej 4 in Aarhus in 1966. Among the guests were Mayor of Aarhus, Bernhardt Jensen and the Foreign Secretary from Danida, Christian Christiansen. Karl-Heinz Westarp was Chairman of the ISC board.

Walking around Aarhus University today, you will not be in doubt that the university is full of students of different nationalities. 12 per cent of the university's 40'000 students and together, they represent more than 120 nationalities but it was not always so.

In 1966 only few of the university's 5000 students were international. A group of Danish and international student and staff decided that they wanted to accommodate further internationals and thus International Student Centre was founded.

It started out with small social gatherings where Danes and internationals met in private homes, but over the years ISC has become the “home away from home” for many internationals in Aarhus. Today, ISC is part of Studenterhus Aarhus and their activities include weekly international nights, the Friendship Ambassador Programme and a food club.

All international students, including PhDs, are invited to join us at Stakladen on 4 October for an afternoon of interesting speeches and networking followed by a celebration from 8 pm to 2 am. Bring your dancing shoes and your best international friends.

RSVP by 23 September.

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