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IT DOES MATTER WHERE – Join the project!

Become a volunteer at the Aarhus Festival event "Willi Dorner the 8th of September," and participate in this interesting performance socialising with people around you.

2018.08.31 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Aarhus Festival 2018

Aarhus Festival 2018

The chairs are coming! They settle down where they are usually not found. They occupy the space in this work by the Austrian artist Willi Dorner and they reclaim places reserved for cars, rules and habits.

In the interactive work 'It Does Matter Where', the audience can participate by bringing their own chair and help create an unusual happening. Citizens and guests are invited to stay, ask questions and get together for a while. The chairs show, on the one hand, how much of the city's space is not for people and, on the other hand, comes with a bid for a city space with more freedom.

Join or stop and enjoy the strange sight when the normally innocent everyday chair breaks its limits and explores the city. Sit down and talk to someone you do not know and feel your own space in the city's rooms.

What is my role as a participant?

You show up with your own chair and blanket from home. The artist will photograph and film you while you interact with the chair as asked by the choreographer (sit, stand and move around a bit). During the performance you will have to wait while the photo equipment is moved around, but this can be spend socialising with old or new friends from around the city. 

When and where?

The performance will take place on Saturday the 8th of September 2018 at 14-17.00 (2pm – 5pm) at Inger Christensens Gade in Gellerup, Brabrand. View location on map. The 3 hours of performance time will include an introduction as well as the amount of time you will be waiting when the photo equipment has to be moved. There will also be three pop up rehearsals which will be announced to all participants.

Why be a part of this?

You can be a part of a fun and different experience together with your family and friends as well as having the opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships. 


Please, sign up here, and find the event "Willi Dorner the 8th of September.” We look forward to meeting you!


Contact coordinator Cecilie Eickworth, tel.: (+45) 3069 3804.

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