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Netdansk – Pre-arrival Danish Course

Netdansk is an online Danish course independent of time and place.

2017.12.19 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Lærdansk is now offering 3 options of Danish courses for AU employees and accompanying partners, who have not yet moved to Denmark. The courses are affordable and do not require that participants holde a Danish CPR number. 

Option 1

An online course of 25 lessons (approx. 50 self-correcting assignments) that can be done anytime and anywhere as many times as you like within 6 months.

Price DKK 400 for 25 lessons per student

Option 2

An online teacher-supported course of 30 lessons (approx. 50-60 assignments) that can be done anytime and anywhere as many times as you like within 6 months.

In option 2, all topics include teacher-supported assignments where individual feedback is given to the individual student on 10-15 of the written assignments as well as listening and reading assignments. Theses assignments can only be done once.

Price DKK 800 for 30 lessons per student

Option 3

Option 3 is the full offer on Netdansk. Here you start on a specific date. The next course starts in week 2 (from 8 January 2018).

Option 3 is much like a physical language course. What you get is a full-time teaching offer that matches classroom teaching - only it’s individual, independent of time and place, and online. You will get new assignments each week and there are web conferences at specific times with teachers and other students at the same level. The teaching leads up to current ministerial tests and exams. Minimum of three lesson pr. week.

When you have arrived in Denmark, you can proceed from your obtained Danish level with a reference from the municipality and either continue in Netdansk or join a class at the language school on campus.

Price DKK 100 per lesson per student

Read more about Netdansk and how to apply 

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