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Rector: Good, healthy work environment crucial for employees

2018.05.24 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Photo: AU Foto, Lars Kruse

Thursday, 17 May saw the first meeting of the recently elected occupational health and safety organisation with a view to defining a direction for ongoing efforts to create a good work environment across the university.

Brian Bech Nielsen, rector and head of the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee, welcomed the 130 or so occupational health and safety representatives, managers and union representatives who attended the themed meeting. In his speech, he emphasised how important it is for employees to be able to go to work every day and encounter a good, healthy work environment without stress, harassment or anything else that could adversely affect their welfare. 

The rector highlighted good governance as one of the major future areas of action for the recently elected occupational health and safety organisation. Furthermore, the recent focus on recognition, equality and respect between genders means that additional emphasis will need to be placed on prevention and dealing with abuse and sexual harassment. 

The occupational health and safety organisation plays a key part in a focused initiative, and the rector stressed that the best work environment is created by employees and managers working together, although the management will always be responsible for creating the framework and defining the direction.  

This news item was in the newsletter from the senior management team, No. 16. Read more news from the senior management team

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