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News from the senior management team no. 24/2018

An extra special birthday.

2018.08.20 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Danish flag

Danish flag

It is almost time to celebrate the university’s anniversary, and this year Aarhus University will turn 90.
True to tradition, the occasion will be celebrated, and on Monday 6 August registration for the festivities was opened for staff, who all received an invitation by email. 

The annual celebration will be held on 14 September with a ceremony in the Main Hall, including presentations of prizes and grants, this year’s distinguished alumni, honorary doctorates, and speeches and music, followed by refreshments in the Ambulatory.

The evening programme includes a concert at Concert Hall Aarhus, where Steen Jørgensen, Kira Skov, Jesper Binzer, Nina Forsberg, Jimmy Jørgensen and Indra Rios-Moore are among the soloists. Once again the conductors will be Per Christian Frost and Peter Vuust, with Martin Brygmann as MC. After the concert, snacks and wine will be served to all guests in the foyer.

The deadline for registration is 21 August for both the ceremony and the concert, and it is possible to bring a companion. Seats in the Main Hall in the afternoon and for the evening concert will be allocated according to the number of staff in the four faculties and the administration, so everyone has an equal chance of getting a seat. The ballot will be run by KongresKompagniet, with tickets issued in week 36.

As in 2017, tickets will be sent out electronically. This means you have to print your own tickets and admission cards. They will be sent out with the results of the ticket lottery.

The university’s anniversary will also be marked with a big party in the University Park on 21 September, to which all students and staff members are invited. The hosts are the Student Council, AU Sport and Aarhus University. This is Denmark’s biggest Friday bar, and this special birthday edition will be bigger than ever. As well as performances by Danish artists there will be a jazz and blues lounge, and the senior management team will man the bar.

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