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Central Aarhus campus to be expanded

2018.05.14 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Visualisation of the af buildings as they will look. Graphic: AART Architects

The rector and the four deans presented visions for the physical development of Aarhus University at a general meeting held on 2 May. Over the next 10 years, Aarhus University plans to expand the central campus by developing a ‘University City’ campus on the grounds of the former municipal hospital. Development of the university’s activities at Katrinebjerg and in the University Park is also planned. The objective is to consolidate degree programmes and research activities, which will involve relocating from the locations at Fuglesangs Allé, Navitas, Silkeborg and Kalø.

This news item was in the newsletter from the senior management team, No. 15. Read more news from the senior management team

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