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Aarhus University invites all its PhD students to participate in this year’s “3 Minutes Thesis” competition (3MT) 20th of March 2019 in Stakladen.

2018.12.14 | Christine Hylleberg Ørsøe Juul

Date Wed 20 Mar
Time 16:00 18:00
Location Stakladen, Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000, Aarhus C

With 3MT you’ll enhance your research presentations skills and the workshops will give you tools for public speaking both when it comes to rhetoric, body language and voice control.

In 3MT, the participating PhD students present their research project in 3 minutes for an audience of non-specialists with only one static slide – and no other resources.

The internal winner at AU will win a 35.000 kr. travel grant and the video of the performance will be submitted to the international competition held in the Coimbra Group of more than 35 European universities. A panel in the Coimbra Group will select a top three, and these will be invited to perform at the Coimbra Group annual conference 5-7 June 2019.

Important dates

Workshop - 26th of February 2019 9.30-14.30

This year we have training activities for AU participants. We have a workshop on rhetoric, body language and voice control. The teaching will be directly aimed at the 3MT competition, but the tools provided can of course be used outside the competition as well.

Feedback sessions – early May, dates to be settled

Participants will be invited in groups of four to have a test run of their performance in front of one of the teachers at the workshop and get feedback before entering the competition. All performances will be recorded at the feedback session, and every participant will get a recording of their own performance and written feedback afterwards.

3MT Competition at AU - 20th March 2019 at 16.00-18.00

The internal competition is held at Stakladen at AU. A panel will judge the performances and select the winner – and we hope a great audience will come and celebrate science and research with us. 


To participate you must be enrolled at AU as a PhD student.


To be part of the AU 3MT please express your interest no later than 25 January 2019 here

If the interest exceeds the number of available spots at the workshops we aim at having the widest possible representation from AU.

Want to know more?

The 3MT was founded at University of Queensland, Australia in 2008, and you can read more about 3MT on their website.

The Coimbra Group Call for competitors including detailed rules can be read here.

During the spring, Aarhus University will develop a webpage for the event.

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