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Remember to register your new address if you move

If you do not register your new address within 14 days after you have moved, you will get a fine.

2017.08.21 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Aarhus City

Photo: Lars Kruse

Register your new address

If you change address in Denmark, be sure to register your new address within 14 days after you have moved.

You are obliged to inform the National Registration of your new address when you move. If you register too late the movement triggers a fine of 500 Dkr.

How do I move?

You must report your new address online and all you need is your NemID and your new address. You must report your move within 14 days after you have moved, but you can do it earlier. You can register your new address up to one month before you move.

Read more about how to change your address, and find information on fines and rules.

If you need help to order NemID or to use the digital self ser-vice solutions, you can contact The Digital Hotline: 70200000.

You can also get help at your local library or at the Citizens Services: 89402222.

Read about the services that you need to sign up for when moving into your residence.

Aarhus City Welcome

Come join the festivities for international citizens at ‘The Aarhus City Welcome’ at Dokk1. Aarhus City Welcome is an event for all internatinals to get to know their possibilities when living in Aarhus.



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