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UIC Seminar: International Schools Aarhus

Introduction to the international schools in the Municipality of Aarhus. Sign-up required.

2018.02.07 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Wed 18 Apr
Time 13:00 15:00
Location International Centre, Room 1, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4A, 8000 Aarhus C.
Logo: International Baccalaureate (IB)

Logo: International Baccalaureate (IB)


We are pleased to welcome all internationals to participate in this informative seminar to gain more knowledge about the international schools in Aarhus. The seminar pertains to parents, future parents, and all interested in the learning process in the international schools in Aarhus. At this seminar, the international schools will introduce themselves, and answer the questions you may have.

Seminar location: 
International Centre
Room 1
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4A
8000 Aarhus C

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Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE) 

C. Chris Hanna
Head of School

Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE), an International Baccalaureate ( IB PYP/MYP) English language world school for students ages 3-16: thriving and engaged learners, staff united in purpose, focused and goal-bound, supportive parent contributors, balanced curriculum with 36 different nationalities working together to enable students to become socially and environmentally responsible citizens, enthusiastic inquirers and lifelong learners in a challenging and nurturing environment. 


Lisbeth Qortrup
Head of School

Kochs International is the international department at Kochs Skole (Kochs School). It is an integrated part of Kochs Skole, which aim for a high level of integration between the Danish and the International pupils to pursue its goal of cultural understanding. Kochs International provides high quality and internationally recognized education in a Danish context. Kochs Skole focusses on pupils to be in a safe, and understanding environment where the pupils are being seen and heard. Kochs International and Kochs Skole share the same values in order to forge a strong bond and integration between the Danish and the International pupils and their families.


Yago Bundgaard
Head of School

Langkaer is Aarhus’ international gymnasium (high school), it is an IB World School characterised by its diversity, inclusivity, and democracy. Langkaer has an active student council that plays a dynamic role in school life, and the diversity of both students and teaching staff reflects the internationally-minded foundations of the International Baccalaureate. Langkaer's IB results are among the best in Denmark, and 10 percent of its students received 40 or more points in 2017. Its IB alumni have applied to study a wide range of courses at universities throughout Denmark and the rest of the world, from Copenhagen to Cambridge, and Langkaer is proud of their success. In addition to their academic success the students enjoy a wide range of experiences related to their personal development, this is achieved through the Creativity, Activity and Service programme as well as the vibrant social environment at Langkaer.

Registration: Please register for the seminar via webshop no later than Monday 16 April 2018.
If you have any questions about the seminar, feel free to contact Gitte Haahr-Andersen.

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