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The programme for Århundredets Festival is ready

Århundredets Festival will host more than 200 events from 3-12 March showcasing the years 1950-2000 in Europe. Check out the programme in English.

2017.02.10 | Ida Bæk

Århundredets Festival is a recurring annual event by Folkeuniversitetet focusing on spreading the knowledge about times past.

Århundredets festival, which literally translates to "Festival of the Century", is organised by Folkeuniversitetet with most of the 200 events happening around Aarhus in the time period 3-12 March.

This year's "century" has been cut in half with events focusing on the five decades from 1950 to 2000 but there are still plenty of lectures, tours, walks, concerts and dinners on the menu. Most of the events focus on interactive knowledge sharing regarding the movements, people and culture which helped shape the course of Europe's history across the last 50 years of the last millenium and still affects our society today.

If you have not yet recieved the printed programme you can find it at Dokk1 within the next few days. Many of the more than 200 events are already sold-out so make sure to book your tickets before they run out.

See the English programme

Download the full programme (in Danish)

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