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UIC Creative Workshop a resounding success!

Here's your list of ideas to inspire you to start up your own event or club, or try something new

2016.06.23 | Danielle Frances Ludgate Wellings

Thank you to everyone who attended the Creative Workshop yesterday, it was a fantastic experience. The idea with the workshop was to bring the participants together and offer a platform from which any could make known their interests, skills and talents. The following is the list of ideas which were raised at the meeting – and we can only imagine more will be added as time goes on:

Yoga silk // Yoga - Pilates - meditation // Fitness // Music – singing – karaoke - joining band // Photography - moving image - filmmaking documentary about research (users of technologies: apps - health – food) // Sustainability // Specific projects and discussion club (e.g. clothing from recycled materials) // Climate changes – specific discussion groups specific projects // Painting - illustrations - sketching - e-book // Be writing a book // CV - job application - interview training - thesis coach // Communication - editing – research // Crafting // Jewelry // Cooking // Cultural events – cinema, concerts, exhibitions, literature // Programming - web development // Languages - translations.

With that new knowledge collected the participants started discussing how some of the interests could be started right away. Yoga was one of the activities that is now being investigated how to get started. If interested in joining or capable of instructing turn to Ekaterina Chertkova Fiil at

All are free to take the initiative and provide a service for your own and others' benefit. Any ideas you have can be included in the UIC Newsletter to help spread the news. Like Marion Beaujard who mailed last night that she has opened a Facebook group for people who want to get together to attend cultural events such as exhibitions, dance shows or concerts in Aarhus. It is called UIC group for cultural events. Several people who attended yesterday are already members, and of course everyone is welcome to join! This is the kind of “result” we hoped for when planning the workshop. We wish you happy times cultural times together!

We plan to add additional activities to our website, so feel free to mail them to us. Please let us know if there is any way we can further support your ideas, or make your skills known to other UIC members. It will only add to giving you all the most memorable summer in Aarhus!

The Creative Workshop is likely to be repeated on a regular basis, so feel free to write to Gitte Haahr-Andersen at if you want to join us for the next one.

UIC, Staff
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