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UIC Nights' Out – a monthly event!

All are invited to join this Thursday at 6.30 pm. Come to the lovely place and enjoy good company. Networking can lead to friendships and job connections.

2018.11.13 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Thu 06 Dec
Time 18:30 21:00
Location Restaurant AmoRoma, Vestergade 60, 8000 Aarhus C
Restaurant AmoRoma

Restaurant AmoRoma

Nights' Out

Join us for a cosy evening and get to taste some good beer, coffee, wine, food, or whatever you feel like. It is about enjoying time together with your fellow internationals, and get to know some more people in your surroundings.

When and where

Thursday 6 December, 6.30 pm.

Restaurant AmoRoma, 
Vestergade 60, 
8000 Aarhus C. 
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Amoroma is a new Italian restaurant in Vestergade. The restaurant opened 1 August 2017 with both tasty pizza and classic Italian dishes on the menu. Behind the neighborhood's new pizza heaven is an old fame, Bruno Matruglia from the Italian delicacy shop Il Mercantino in Mejlgade.

Let´s meet up for a "hyggelig" (cosy) evening!


To accommodate everyone, please send an email to UIC Volunteer Susanne Pfeil in advance. Or try your luck – we all want to meet you again or for the first time.
Any questions or suggestions for a place to meet up (for approximately 20 people) on the next night out, please contact UIC Volunteer Susanne Pfeil.

Staff, UIC
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