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The choice is yours - vote in the University elections today!

Use your right to vote and influence which candidates will become members of your local board of studies, academic councils, PhD committees and the AU board. The deadline to vote is Thursday 16 November at 16:00.

2017.11.14 | Ida Bæk

You can vote for your relevant boards directly on your laptop.

Have you considered the benefits of actively participating in the university elections and voting for a good candidate? By voting, you show your support for the candidate you want to represent you and your interests, for example to the PhD committees. In the PhD committees they work with topics such as the selection of PhD courses and evaluation of the supervision activities. 

Find your candidate in the list on the election website

How to vote

You can vote electronically during the election period from 13 November at 9:00 to 16 November at 16:00. Start by logging on to Self-service ( The election results will be announced on Monday 20 November at

Click here to vote 

They make a difference

The various councils, boards and committees discuss important topics. The boards of studies, for example, prepare suggestions for academic regulations, ensure follow-up on teaching evaluations and approve exam schedules. The agenda for the AU board meetings contains topics such as AU’s budget and strategy as well as general development trends in education policy.

Read more about the various councils, boards and committees on the election website 

Want to find out more?

Visit the website

Please contact the Election Secretariat at or by calling 8715 3325, if you have any questions.

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