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Visit from the Industry - Vestas

This afternoon, representatives from Vestas will shed light on which types of PhDs the company employs, the PhD competencies they value, how the recruitment process proceeds, not least the company in general.

2016.12.27 | Christina Birch

Date Wed 22 Mar
Time 15:30 17:00
Location M2, Studenterhusfonden, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C

Join this afternoon event and hear which PhD profiles Vestas is interested in, not least the PhD competencies the company values.

Vestas employs PhDs from both the science area and from economy, finance and communication, so this event is for all PhDs that find Vestas interesting.

We have invited Senior HR Business Partner Rikke Vaaben and two PhD alumni from Aarhus University. Rikke Vaaben will shed light on the recruitment process, which PhD profiles they typically hire and, on a more general note, the company overall. AU alumni Anne Lund Christophersen and Hans Harhoff Andersen, with PhDs in respectively mathematics and physics, will talk about their jobs as well as job tasks and which PhD competencies they use.


15.30 - 15.35: Welcome

15.35 - 16.00: Senior HR Business Partner Rikke Vaaben

16.00 - 16.15: PhD alumni: Anne Lund Christophersen, PhD in Mathematics

16.15 - 16.25: Break

16.25 - 16.45: PhD Alumni: Hans Harhoff Andersen, Phd in Physics

16.45 – 17.00: Questions in plenum


Rikke Vaaben

Rikke Vaaben is Senior HR Business Partner at Vestas and has been working at the company for more than five years. 

Anne Lund Christophersen

Anne Lund Christophersen is Senior Specialist at Vestas Performance & Diagnostics Center. She has a PhD from Aarhus University in mathematics. 

Hans Harhoff Andersen

Hans Harhoff Andersen has a PhD in Experimental quantum optics and atomic physics from Aarhus University. He is now employed as a Data Scientist at Vestas Advanced Computing working with High Performance Computing. 



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