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Folkeuniversitetet - Walking Lecture on Ants

Folkeuniversitetet organises this lecture, where you will learn about the brain structure of ants compared to humans. The event is part of the Hearts & Minds Festival.

2017.06.28 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Sun 27 Aug
Time 16:00 17:30
Location Botanical Garden, Meeting point T.B.A., 8000 Aarhus C.
Walking Lecture on Ants

Ants in comparison to humans

How are the social structures of ants established? How are their brains structured – compared to ours? What do their world sound, smell, and taste like?

These are some of the questions we ask – and they are partly answered by the scientists, and partly examined and interpreted through staged actions, experiences, tastes and smells! We invite you to zoom in on the world of ants, with both senses and intellect.

Read more about the Walking Lecture on Ants event and sign up on the Folkeuniversitetet website

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