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Where do I go with questions about OK18?

Aarhus University is approaching a lockout, which may affect you as an employee at AU. You can get answers to your questions on the OK18 page and from your union or local union representative.

2018.03.16 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Conflict sign

Stay informed on the Staff Portal FAQ page on OK18

To stay informed about the current development in the conflict, check the FAQ page on OK18 regularly. The date and time at the top of the page indicate when the information on the page was last updated.

On the FAQ page on OK18, you can read more about which AU staff are included in the lockout, when the conflict will go into effect, financial support during the lockout and special information for international employees and PhD students.

Special information for international employees

If you are an employee of the university and SIRI is currently considering your application for an extension of your work permit, the application will remain on hold until the current industrial dispute has been resolved, and you will be permitted to remain in Denmark as long as the case is pending at SIRI. SIRI has also stressed that the application must be sent before the applicant’s residence permit expires in order for the application deadline to be extended. Otherwise you risk residing in Denmark illegally.

Special information for PhD students

Make sure to read this section to learn more about how the lockout applies to you. The section contains information about:

  • How you will be affected differently depending on whether you are a student or employee.
  • Possible extension of enrolment as a consequence of a lockout 
  • PhD students studying abroad
  • Submission of dessertation / defence of dissertation during the labour dispute 
  • International PhD students 

Read more on the FAQ page on OK18 

Contact your union or local union representative

If you have any questions about the strike and about how it would affect you and your employment conditions, we encourage you to contact your union or your local union representative. They can also answer questions about what to do if you are on a research stay abroad as a PhD student or researcher. 

Find your union representative

If you are a manager and have questions about the strike, you can contact HR Employment Law, Lone Degn or Jenny Oostwouder.

We encourage you to read all information you receive from your union to stay updated about the current development and stay informed about how it will affect your employment.

Also read the news item about the possible lockout in the International Community newsletter

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