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Autumn in Aarhus

What to do during the autumn break in Aarhus? The weather is getting colder, but there are still plenty of interesting activities in Aarhus - the City of Smiles.

2018.10.02 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Autumn, University Park

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU


Now that we meet a colder time, it is wonderful to spend some time in the city's museums, which offer new exhibitions.

  • Moesgaard Museum tells about the refugees from Syria and their new lives on the island Samsø
  • ARoS Art Museum celebrates the artist Agnes Slot-Møller and her significance for symbolism in Denmark
  • Steno Museum lets us experience the invisible elements around us at the exhibition: "The Inquisitive Mind – Exploring the Invisible World"
  • The Old Town always offers various intersting exhibitions and storytellings
  • The Women's Museum is always a pleasure to visit, and it has a cosy café as well

Gastronomic experiences

The many delicious eateries in Aarhus are a good reason to enjoy the city in the autumn. The quality is high and the range is wide, so there is something for everyone.

Shopping and autumn fashion

Aarhus has been voted to be the north's best shopping city with its many different shops and markets. Explore this year's autumn fashion, and stroll around the city and enjoy the many wonderful colours.

  • Shopping places in and around Aarhus can be interesting to explore during the autumn

Autumn break with the children

Aarhus has many offers for children in the autumn holidays.

  • Tivoli Friheden has a Halloween arrangement for the whole family with lots of enjoyment
  • The Old Town also always has extra experiences in children's school holidays and teaches children about history in an interesting way
  • The Women's Museum is having a "potato holiday" with lots of activities like potato sack race and more

Continue the reading here for more inspiration on happenings and what to do during the autumn break.

Staff, UIC
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