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NCI Opportunities for Member University Researchers

Programmes in spring 2019 supported by the Nordic Centre in India (NCI).

2018.09.26 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Nordic Centre in India (NCI)

Nordic Centre in India (NCI)

NCI Member

On behalf of the Nordic Centre in India (NCI), it is a pleasure to announce that the NCI will be supporting the following programmes for the spring of 2019:

  • NCI Travel Grant: The travel grant is available for doctoral level students and above travelling to India for the purpose of research in the Spring of 2019. Find more information here.
  • NCI Academic Activity Grant: The Academic Activity Grant is open to doctoral level researchers and above who in cooperation with atleast one researcher from another NCI member university and an Indian partner aim to conduct an academic activity in the Spring of 2019. Find more information here.
  • NCI MDI Visiting Professorship Programme: This programme is located at MDI Gurgaon, a reputed business school in India. It is a two week teaching programme in specific discipline areas that covers travel, boarding, and lodging in New Delhi. Find more information here.
  • NCI St. Stephens college Artist in Residence Programme: This programme is located at the prestigious St. Stephen's College in New Delhi. It is a two month residential programme for an artist that covers boarding and lodging on campus. Find more information here.


The deadline for receiving applications is the 30 October 2018.

For more information please see this folder.

Interested applicants are encouraged to write to

The NCI is working on creating more opportunities for member university researchers, and will be very grateful for more opportunities to serve you. Please, therefore, do not hesitate to contact the NCI if you are thinking of working on something related to India.

Staff, UIC
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