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Opening hours during the summer

The International Centre will not be fully staffed during the summer period, so please be patient if you have inquiries. On 15 – 28 July (weeks 29 and 30) we will be closed.

2019.05.24 | Lene Bekker Lassen

AU Campus

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

The reception Student and Staff Services

On 15-28 July (weeks 29 and 30) the reception will be closed for personal appearance. The phone is open all weekdays and enquiries by mail to will be answered but with an extended response time.  

International Academic Staff Services opening hours

International Academic Staff Services (IAS) will also be closed on 15-28 July (weeks 29 and 30).

  • Expat Partner Programme: Expat Partner Advisors Marie Vorre Skydsgaard and Catrine Rumohr will be out of the office from 1 July to 28 July (weeks 27-30).
  • Guest Researcher Support: Will be closed on 22-28 July (week 30).
  • Relocation Service: Will be closed on 15-28 July (weeks 29 and 30).
  • The IAS mail ( will be closed on 15-28 July (weeks 29 and 30).

Other public offices will also be reduced in staff or closed:

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