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PhD and Postdoc Activity Group – who are we?

PhD and Postdoc Activity Group is a group of PhD Students and Postdocs at Aarhus University who organise social events for fellow PhD Students and Postdocs.

2018.11.12 | Sofie Swienty Andresen

PhD and Postdoc Activity Group

Are you a PhD Student or Postdoc? Then The PhD and Postdoc Activity Group might be interesting to you! The group wish to strengthen the social networks of junior researchers across academic desciplines and cultural backgrounds.

The group organise events every month ranging from beer nights at Studenterhuset to yoga and escape rooms, wine tasting, trip to the Old Town and much more. Most of the events are held in the late afternoon/evening in and around Aarhus, and are typically free of cost so that everyone can participate. 

If you wish to be a more active member of the group, you can also join the board! Members of the board are responsible for the marketing and overall organising of the events. They decide the what, when and where of all the activities while gaining useful experience on their CV and having fun with other PhDs and Postdocs. 

If you wish to learn more about the group, you can check out our website here.

Or follow us on our Facebook page. 

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