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4 - Approaches to training

Work Package 4 (WP4) focus on securing quality in doctoral education across Europe. Thus, it brings attention to how such an education should be structured and what it should include in terms of course work, training and support.  As well as a focus on specialist knowledge and skills and preparation for a career in academia or research it is important to consider the contribution that doctoral graduates are making to other areas of the economy and society. To ensure doctoral candidates are prepared for a broad range of careers it is important to highlight and develop all the skills that come with a doctoral education.

Parallel with a focus on supporting doctoral candidates it is of equal importance to secure appropriate structures and high quality in supervision. Therefore there is a need to discuss and formulate common European standards for supervisors and supervision and secure these by establishing structured support, guidance and training for supervisors, particularly when working across more than one institution or national system.  This will be a key focus of the support provided to supervisors through the ExEDE project.