Join us at PhD Career Week
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With only a week to go, sign up for PhD Career Week now. PhD Career Week spans over three days,­­ ­­bringing you online workshops and company presentations, with relevant content for all PhDs and JRs across the 5 faculties of AU.
PhD Career Week features 16 company presentations (each 45 minutes long), covering a wide range of industries, and 6 career workshops organized in collaboration with DM, IDA, The Kitchen, and Djøf.
You can pick and choose the sessions according to your interest and availability. You will receive links for each session this week, and we will also send you the daily links every morning of the event. Furthemore, the links will be available on our website and Facebook page from the start of the event.
Take a look at the programme below and sign up.

We look forward to seeing you!

We are delighted to give you the chance to meet 16 exciting companies and organizations. The featured companies all employ a high number of PhDs, from many different areas. Meet the companies, talk to the company representatives and ask questions about the company and the industry in general, and see there is a path for you.

Career Decision Making (IDA)

Deciding on which direction to go after your PhD is overwhelming for many. This workshop will introduce you to different career paths and address: When is the right time to make career decisions and how can you prepare for it?

Working in Denmark as an International PhD (IDA)

What does the future look like after your PhD? Learn more about what the Danish labour market looks like for International PhDs. Get insights from IDA’s international consultant and hear a personal case story from a former PhD, now working in Dk.

Cover Letter Writing (DM)

If you are interested in a non-academic career, communicating the value of your researcher skills is essential. In this session we will address the struggles of cover letter writing that are often encountered by researchers, and give you tips on how to write a successful cover letter.

Researcher Skills at Work (DM)

As more researchers look for work outside academia, translating an academic skillset to the non-academic world is becoming relevant. This session maps strategies of developing and communicating a relevant skillset in research years.

CV Writing and LinkedIn

This workshop will help formulate your CV: what information to include, and how to translate research experience into a CV aimed at industry. We also cover LinkedIn: how it supplements your application, and how to market yourself.

“Freelance you” (The Kitchen) 

In this session, we will address the advantages and disadvantages of working as a self-employed consultant selling your knowledge. Join to hear from speakers with experience on the potentials of activating your research as a freelancer, and starting on the path of self-employment.