Enjoy the Summer Holidays!
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The holidays are coming up, and we wish you all a great summer. We are here most of the summer except from weeks 29-31. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss your career options, competences or you are applying for a job over the summer. When you come back, we have a series of great career events waiting for you, as you can see below.
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Mentor Programme 2021

Would you like help to ease your transition from university to a career outside of academia? Then now is the time to apply for our mentor programme. The deadline is August 15th but the spots are limited and filled continuously.
If you want to ensure your spot then apply here

Local career days for each PhD programme

This June AU Career PhD & JR completed the first 3 career days at different PhD programmes as part of the “early career awareness” for PhD students initiative. Topics included job market information, identification and development of competencies and how to be career conscious PhD students. Remaining career days will take place during fall of 2021 or start of 2022.
Keep an eye out for your local career day, and we look forward to seeing you!

Junior Researcher Development Courses

Are you a junior researcher looking to develop transferable skills that are useful both in- and outside of an academic context? The Junior Researcher Development Programme is offering two career development courses in the autumn:
  • Project Management - A Practitioner's Approach to the Managerial Process
  • Introduction to Leadership

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Know Your Strengths:
Competency Mapping Webinar

Time: 6 September (Mon), 14.00-16.00
Location: Online

In collaboration with Dansk Magisterforening.
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is vital for identifying your career goals and pursuing your dream jobs. Join this webinar and take a step towards understanding yourself better, where your competencies lie, and how to build on them and communicate them in your future.


Communicate Your Value:
Cover Letter Writing Webinar

Time: 9 September (Thu), 14.30-15.45
Location: Online

Having a good cover letter is essential to a strong job application, but it can be difficult to formulate well. In this webinar you will learn how to write effective cover letters for a non-academic job context. We will discuss the structure of a good cover letter, how to “show it don’t tell it" when showcasing your strengths, and all the do’s and dont's. 

The Junior Researcher Association and the Research Support Office are continuously hosting workshops regarding the art of writing grant applications and information meetings regarding EU or other funders.

Showcase Your Skills:
CV Writing Webinar

Time: 8 September (Wed), 8.30-10.00
Location: Online

The right CV can help you be considered for your dream job.
This webinar will give you an introduction to the structure and content of a CV aimed at jobs outside academia, with a focus on how to translate your academic skillset and experience into a CV aimed at a non-academic context.


How to Succeed
at a Job Interview

Time: 13 September (Mon), 14.30-16.00
Location: Online

The job interview is your chance to shine and accurately represent your competencies and expertise, while you learn more about the job.
This webinar will try to prepare you for job interviews and aid you in the process: how to prepare in advance, what to expect, and the do's and dont's of making the best impression on hiring managers.

The Kitchen regularly hosts professional talks, workshops, pitch sessions and much more. Join their events if you would like to develop new skills related to entrepreneurship or you are interested in getting started as a freelancer.