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Meet our Mentors

The majority of our mentors are former PhD graduates from AU working outside of academia, who have a genuine interest in sharing knowledge and experiences with young researchers. We aim to have mentors with at least +5 years of industry experience.

At AU Mentor PhD & JR we are constantly working on creating connections between the PhD students/JRs and competent forces in the business community. A motivated mentee is definitely a prerequisite for this, but it is also important for us that your future mentor is prepared to be part of a rewarding relationship. On this page, you can meet some our current mentors, and learn more about what our mentors do and what companies they work for. 

Meredin Stoltenberg, Safety Lead for UCB. PhD in sperm maturation, dr.med.thesis in neurobiology.

I have experience both in Academia and in the pharma industry.  I have been involved in mentoring, supervision and coaching for many years.  Personal insight and knowing your self (better) is a key driver for me, and I gain a lot of such insight by both giving and receiving sparring, feedback and coaching

Jamila Ahdidan, Founder and CSO at Brainreader A/S, PhD in Neuroimaging.

I am a scientist at heart, and thrive in planing and running a scientific project. I have 8 years of first hand entrepreneurial knowledge within the commercial medical device field both in Europe and the US. I love sharing that insight with anyone contemplating any of those paths.

Erika Vigna, PhD Inano/Chemsitry. Team Lead at Siemens Gamesa

Since I was a mentee myself, and I received a lot of help from my mentor, I wanted to return the favor to other people in the same situation as I was in some years ago. I get personal gratification when I see that I can help someone facing the same challenges I faced when I was about to finish my PhD and wanting to get a job in a company. 

Read about Erika's experiences as a mentee here.