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Which service suits me?

Individual career counselling, Career Talks or

AU Mentor PhD & JR?

Individual counselling

At AU Career PhD & JR it is also possible to book an appointment for individual career counselling.

Here you can:  

  • discuss your career and alternative career options
  • receive feedback and advice on your CV and cover letter
  • increase your awareness of your competences and what you have to offer
  • bring up other topics that you would like to discuss

Read more and book an appointment here: Career counselling, and remember to keep an eye on our Event Calendar, which contains events about the issues mentioned above.

AU Mentor PhD & JR

The mentor programme is a longer process focused on your personal and professional development.

Entering into a long term mentoring relationship gives you: 

  • broader and more general views on career choices
  • an important sparring partner
  • possible new network and contacts
  • mentor’s personal views on and experiences with:
    • career
    • career choices
    • mentor’s field of employment
    • mentor’s type of position
    • further training
    • solving problems
    • handling situations
    • what works and what doesn’t work
    • new approaches, attitudes and views on issues or challenges you might face
    • experienced feedback
    • personal development

 Click here for more information about AU Mentor PhD & JR.