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Applying for a job in Industry

CV Writing

It is a common misunderstanding that a CV is just an enclosure with your application. In the world of HR, the CV is considered a genre in itself and is often read before the letter of application. Your CV can therefore be the first impression your employer gets of you.   

Below you can find the CV webinar in read-form as well as two examples of CV sections; the resume and the work experience section.


Cover letter writing

Together with your CV, the application is a part of the first impression a potential employer gets of you. It serves the only purpose of getting invited to a job interview and is often not supposed to be very long. That is why you need to call attention to yourself and show that you are interesting.

The interview situation

The interview situation includes both the actual job interview and the tests that you might be asked to do. How a job interview proceeds is crucial as to whether you get a job or not, and therefore preparation is important.

Below pages will give you good advice on how to prepare for both the job interview and any test situation.